The Quest for Inner Peas, a Yoga Heartbeat and El Teide over 7 Days

Make your heart chakra happy: Find some inner 'peas' with a Transform Week @ Chakrafit in Tenerife

Make your heart chakra happy: Find some inner ‘peas’ with a Transform week at Chakrafit

It’s time for a Heart Chakra post again. Green is the colour that resonates with this chakra point, so we’ve been munching some freshly harvested peas from the veggie plot, whilst preparing the blog post. Heart chakra balance is mainly about being able to both give and receive love. Sometimes we have to look deep within and spend some time asking and listening to what our hearts tell us in order to find balance. What’s going well in life? What could Continue reading

Shamanic Summer Sun, Powerful Pancakes With Paolo and Links to Free Stuff That’s Quite Fun

solstice fire chakrafit

It’s a solar plexus week and, yes, the photo this week is of fire (again!) but it’s appropriate as the element associated with the solar plexus is Fire. This one was for our summer solstice celebration. What a beauty it was too (courtesy of Stu Ferguson), who somehow managed to manifest blue flames at one point! This beautiful shot of it was sent to us by the wonderful Evie, Davey and Ryan. Fire energy has been following us around for a while, as I’m sure you’ve noticed from recent posts, and it culminated with a brilliant solstice ceremony with a group of lovely chakrafit friends. Having them all here, sharing our space and offering their healing gifts, made it an even more magical experience and helped to transform the energy of a sad experience we had recently, into joyful happiness. Amazing what fire, water, spirit, community and intention can do! The most inspirational moment was Continue reading